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ft_wanted's Journal

Wanted at Fandom Towers
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Think a character would just be perfect for fandom_towers? Desperately need someone to pick up a certain character for a plot? Trying to promote the game to someone who isn't sure who they should play? This is your place to shamelessly beg!

To ease the way please mention whether you'd like anyone interested to contact you or whether there is any established FT story concerning the character. This, of course, does not mean that the person applying *has* to follow this, but it will make it easy on everybody if they know beforehand that you'd like them to.

To see whose already been asked for, please check out the memories or tags. And! Just because a character *doesn't* have a request post, it does *not* mean that they won't be accepted. Consider these as just wishlists from those already in the game.